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Core Management – Effective Leadership in all times – [On-line]

In today’s business realities, when price competition has become insufficient, it is the human factor that decides most often about success.  In the time when we have already accomplished the subsequent stages of marketing, such as, for example marketing the product or the client, it is the human being that becomes the main asset of every enterprise – whether it is a large corporation, or a small family company;  it is the person that becomes an effective leader, the boss that can inspire, manage, take decisions and act to reach effects without compromising in the spheres of values and principles. A successful leader is simply effective both in regular realities and under an extraordinary situation considered as a crisis.

Effective leadership in all times is a workshop addressed to company owners, presidents, board members, managers and all those that wish to become effective leaders of their teams – in life and in business.  The training will teach you effective leadership skills in a compact and very specific way.

The program is focused only on how to be a successful leader.  It provides specific tools and skills which, when used, are bound to bring the desired effects.

If this is something you are interested in, and you are keen on developing leadership within you, I guarantee – this workshop will change your life.


DURING THIS WORKSHOP  you will learn:

  • the skills of communicating successfully that will help you increase the effectiveness of the business area you are responsible for
  • effective business styles (HBS) that will help your team and you reach a completely new management level, and consequently to increase profitability in your company
  • methods of managing activity, that will help you actually have a grip on the result you wish to achieve – you will increase it by several dozen percent, depending on where your organization is right now
  • MBO methods that will help you acquire full goal-oriented synergy in business
  • ways to increase personal effectiveness that will give you more time at your disposal
July 01 2020


Start: 1 July 2020
End: 2 July 2020

Traning Hours:
01.07.2020 – 18:00-22:00
02.07.2020 – 18:00-22:00